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Tiffany Nardico

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Tiffany Nardico - caver
Tiffany Nardico

Originally from Southern California, Tiffany Nardico is an adventure photographer who captures the lifestyle of Canyoneering, Caving, and Climbing. It was always her dream to roam from community to community living freely on the road, so she moved into her adventure Prius (now a van) and let the wheels turn.

The long dirt road ahead was not one that would challenge the Prius as Nardico made her way to an alpine cave expedition deep in the mountains of Montana. On her back she carried over half her body weight with a pack full of equipment and camera gear. This was only possible through the years of training, building the skillset and network to be a part of world-class expeditions like Proyecto Espeleologico Sistema Huautla.

Walking along the crusty white line that marks the edge of the road, one man stood hidden behind his large cowboy hat. His name was Kentucky Pete, an old fashioned climber who originated from Red River Gorge. Nardico could not help but become fascinated with his story and many others like him during her travels. This began her drive to capture the lifestyle of individuals within the sport.

Now you can find her crawling deep underground, scaling the cliff sides on a single static line, hanging from waterfalls, and in below-freezing-cold conditIons.

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