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Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale is a polar explorer, author, and inspirational speaker who has undertaken many adventures to some of the world’s most extreme environments.

Her thirst for adventure began at 22 years old when she joined a three-month expedition to Northern Kenya, where amongst a group of young people from around the world, she climbed up Matthews Peak, (1860m) trekked with camels and carried out community projects with locals.

Having realised she was capable of more than she imagined possible, Sue spotted an advert in the newspaper in 1996 stating “Wanted –10 novice Arctic explorers”. She sent off for details, and the brochure showing all photos of male explorers with the caption “are you man enough for the Ultimate Challenge?” This made Sue determined to win a place in the team, and she was eventually selected from over 500 applicants to join the expedition led by renowned explorer David Hempleman-Adams.

Sue Stockdale - on expedition

After a 30-day journey in one of the most extreme environments in the world, Sue went on to become the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole. Sue then followed up this success with expeditions to Chile, Antarctica, Geographical North Pole and Greenland, and in 2005 was recognised as a Pioneer to the Nation by HM the Queen.

Sue is also an accomplished athlete, having represented Scotland in athletics (3000m and cross-country events) where she learned about the importance of determination, focus and never giving up. In business Sue has also had her fair share of excitement, as her career included working with the United Nations in a war zone.

Sue Stockdale - Arctic

She is now a coach and leadership consultant working with FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies, leaders in elite sport, and non-profit organisation worldwide, as well as speaking at leading business schools on motivation, risk and leadership.

Sue has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and MSc in Quality Management and more recently, has become a successful author, with seven business books to her name including Kickstart your Motivation, Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs, Cope with Change at Work, The Growth Story, Risk and The Personality Workbook.

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