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Shelby Clowers

Shelby Clowers
Shelby Clowers

I'm married with two little boys! I’m a photographer located in the mountains of Tennessee. I can usually be found following my children around with my camera.

I've really been keeping up with National Geographic's planet or plastic series and it has really hit home. They shared a fact that stuck out most to me and really got me thinking about our lifestyle.

"By 2050 every seabird species will be eating plastic."

It put into perspective how little we tend to think about what we’re doing and how much we take for granted.

I've been cloth diapering collectively for three years now. When it was just my youngest and I we had our trash down to once a week so why not take it further?

I’ve really tried to get of them involved. Last week we set out and found 70 stray plastic bags. We cut them down, melted them together, and made reusable bags for years to come. My oldest was so proud of himself ready to take on our next project.

Since starting our journey to zero waste we have yet to fill up a complete garbage bag! Were excited about our next steps and becoming educated on what more we can do.

The CLowers Kids Helping Out

I hope through our journey it shows how easy it is to get involved and how others can make small changes to make a big difference.

You can follow more along my journeys on Instagram at

Shelby Clowers on The Appalachian Trail

Shelby on The Appalachian Trail

“It’s the unseen beauty we never talk about when we look at these mountains. As soon as you walk onto these trails we’re all the same. They’re not afraid to tear you down all while pushing you further than what you thought capable of. Today Emmett and I chanted “I am brave. I am strong. I can do this.” Carrying more than half my body weight together we three hiked nine miles up to one of the many peaks the Appalachian Trail has to offer. My shoulders ached. My knees buckled every time I would stop. I could feel like skin ripping off my toes. The last mile in I knew I wouldn’t make it with my shoes on. I had to take them off and finish what we started barefoot. I once questioned how much my body could handle. And just like then it proved that I am able. I can do it and so much more. I did it. I. DID. IT.”

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