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Lois Pryce

Lois Pryce is a British travel author, journalist and broadcaster. She is also co-founder of the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

In 2003 Lois left her job at the BBC in London to ride twenty-thousand miles from Alaska to the tip of South America on a small dirt bike. Her book about this trip, Lois on the Loose, has been published throughout the world.

In 2006 she rode the length of Africa, taking in the Sahara, the Congo and Angola, which resulted in her book, Red Tape & White Knuckles.

In 2013/14, intrigued by the negative image of Iran and its stormy relationship with her homeland, she made two solo motorcycle tours of the Islamic Republic, discovering the complicated reality of this misunderstood but ultimately fascinating and hospitable country. This is the subject of her next book, Revolutionary Ride, to be published in January 2017.

With her husband, adventure film-maker, Austin Vince, she is founder/curator of Adventure Travel Film Festival which occurs annually in the UK and Australia.

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