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Lauren Farmer

Lauren Farmer Antarctic
Lauren Farmer

A unique slate of life experience has brought Lauren to the polar regions, guiding expeditions across distant latitudes as an expedition leader and photographer.

Lauren was born in Lismore, Australia but spent her formative years in the midwest of the United States. An interest in the entertainment industry led her to study in Los Angeles and she ultimately spent a decade working in television marketing in New York City.

An enthusiasm for storytelling led to a successful career as a published travel and portrait photographer. It was in this stage of life she was introduced to the polar regions, and she was hooked.

Lauren Farmer - Antarctic Tour Group
Lauren with a tour group

Now in her 6th year working in both the Arctic and Antarctic, she is passionate about the intersections of tourism and science, and how the polar tourism industry can support ongoing research at the poles. She recently co-founded the Polar Citizen Science Collective, a non-profit which facilitates ship-based citizen science programs.

She guides in the Antarctic Peninsula as well as across the Norwegian and Russian Arctic. She has journeyed to the North Pole 9 times where she co-leads a project collecting sea ice and atmospheric data in hopes of contributing to a better understanding of our changing climate.

When not at the poles, Lauren splits her time between the Scottish Highlands and with her family in Canberra, Australia, and is a proud fellow of The Explorers Club.

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