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Katy Parrott - KP

Katy Parrott - KP

Described as Tinkerbell crossed with the Terminator, KP is a pocket sized force of nature and ‘high on life’ advocate. Combining her passion for the natural world and creative flare, she has a degree in Biology and went on to do a masters in Wildlife Filmmaking. She has already visited 40 countries and has spent the last 18 months working for adventurer Monty Halls at Seadog Productions.

In early 2017 she appeared in the BBC2 series Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week. Against the odds she became a finalist after enduring 2 weeks of brutal physical and mental training. Her experience inspired her to join the Army Reserves and she is now a trained soldier specialising as a Combat Medic and military mountaineer in an all-male infantry unit.

Determined to test her new-found resilience from the show, she has since trekked a 400km mountain range in Bulgaria (wild camping in brown bear territory and carrying 30kgs of kit), run a few ultra-marathons and completed a half-Ironman having previously never owned a bike. She is currently planning her next adventure; walking the length of Sri Lanka with her best friend - a fellow biologist.

By challenging herself she hopes to encourage others, no matter what shape or size, to step outside their comfort zone and achieve something they didn’t think was possible.

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