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Emma de Heveningham

Emma de Heveningham
Emma de Heveningham

Emma de Heveningham spent 15 years working in the telecoms industry in London, before taking a career break in 2012. Her travels over the next few years gradually focused in on the Indian Himalayan regions of Ladakh and Spiti, where life takes place above 4000 metres altitude and access to services can be challenging to say the least.

Inspired by the people she met along the way, she set up a travelling community cinema to share films about local history and culture, wildlife conservation and healthcare. Solar-powered and completely off-grid, the cinema can reach some of the most remote villages and nomadic communities on earth.

Ladakh travelling cinema - Emma de Heveningham
Locals enjoying Emma's travelling cinema in Ladakh

Although she is periodically tempted back into corporate life in London, whenever time allows, Emma can be found back in the mountain villages of northern India where she has been working on photographic and ethnographic projects, as well as keeping the travelling cinema on the road to new destinations.

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