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Belinda Kirk

Belinda Kirk
Belinda Kirk

At 26yrs old I led a youth development expedition into the Amazon. I was responsible for a team of over 100 scientists, jungle experts and young people (aged 17-20) studying the birds, caiman and river dolphin. It’s the adventure I am most proud of because a similar expedition I joined at 17yrs old changed my life; it opened my eyes to what I was capable of.

With this expedition I was able to pass this on and started a decade of working with young people in the wilderness


Belinda Kirk, The Adventure Revolutionary

Belinda is the leading campaigner promoting the benefits of Adventure for well-being.

A Guinness World Record holding Explorer Belinda has spent 22 years leading groups into the wilderness. She's led dozens of youth expeditions, pioneered inclusive challenges for people with disabilities and managed remote trips for David Attenborough, Ray Mears & Bear Grylls.

Now Belinda runs Britain's National Day of Adventure "Wild Night Out" and Explorers Connect a not-for-profit organisation connecting 30,000 people to adventure

Belinda’s mission is to make adventure more accessible and how an Adventure Revolution will make us all happier and healthier

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