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Alicia Colson

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Alicia J. M. Colson

Dr Alicia Colson FRGS has a PhD in Archaeology, McGill University, Canada and a BA Hons from Institute of Archaeology, from University College London, UK. She's also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society Society and of The Explorers Club.

She is an archaeologist and an ethno-historian with a long standing research interest in the digital humanities as well as higher education in North America and Europe.

Her interests and research are worked up through closely-structured ‘learning’ expeditions by the British Exploring Society Expeditions in Iceland and Namibia, by lectures in China, and North America, through papers and learned articles. Translations from French, Spanish and Portuguese to English, papers on the key role played by women in archaeology and the past, present and future of Higher Education in the US denotes her concern to understand the role images play in our lives."

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